Tomato Week

Your Guide To Growing Tomatoes at Home

From Seed To Salad- Expert Growing Tips

planting tomato tips

Planting Tomatoes

Tips for Planting tomatoes for beginners.

homegrown tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes

It's really easy to grow tomatoes,Here's how.

harvesting homegrown tomatoes

Harvesting Tomatoes

How and when do I pick or cut tomatoes off the vine?

simple tomato recipes

Tomato Recipes

Salsa's, Salads,Soups,and Sauce's, tomatoes are so versatile!

Growing Tomatoes at Home

Benefits Of Growing Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes at home can be a very rewarding  for both beginners and experienced gardeners.  Tomatoes are a popular crop that are easy to grow, the fruit is highly nutritious, and can improve your health.  The sense of achievement that producing a crop can bring is beneficial to your wellbeing.

Home grown tomatoes are filled with antioxidants and nutrients, such as potassium, vitamin C and fibre. Tomatoes also contain lycopene can protect against heart disease and cancer.

There are many varieties of tomatoes, they come in all shapes and sizes and they all have different flavour profiles.  This can lead to some experimentation with different recipes and dishes.

The taste and quality of homegrown tomatoes is far superior to the ones you buy, they are much sweeter,  juicier and the flavour is more intense.

At home you can produce a large number of tomatoes in a small space, these can be eaten fresh, made into sauces or soups or dried and marinated in olive oil.

Growing tomatoes at home is very cost effective.

growing tomatoes at home
tomato community gardening

Community Gardens

It's Great to be a part of something

Gardening is good for you and growing tomatoes in a community garden is really good for you!

It’s great to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.Growing tomatoes is a physical activity that can reduce stress and improve your mood.

Having your own tomato plants in a community garden has lots of benefits;

Watching your plants grow and produce fruit can be a rewarding experience that produces a sense of accomplishment.

You can share your harvest and also  gardening knowledge amongst your fellow community gardeners, this fosters a sense of connection.

Growing your own tomatoes is a sustainable practice that can help reduce your carbon footprint.Tomatoes that are bought in a store often have to travel long distances, that incur fuel costs and pollution, are refrigerated and packaged this can contribute to greenhouse emissions.


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